Rainbows have Fun!

Rainbows are girls aged five to seven and follow a programme called the Rainbow Jigsaw, through which they can take part in lots of different activities with girls their own age.

Visit the youth page specially designed for girls of Rainbow age to find out more or scroll down for joining and programme information.

The Rainbow Promise

I promise that I will do my best
to think about my beliefs and to be kind and helpful.

Make a Rainbow, and help more girls start their guiding adventure. We need your help

Mon 5th Vale
Mon 10th St Martins
Mon 12th St Marys
Wed 3rd St Sampson
Wed 7th St Stephens
Wed 8th Capelles
Thur 14th Castel
Fri 11th Le Grand Courtil

Starting Rainbows

We have 8 Rainbow units in the Bailiwick that meet in different areas of the islands and on different nights.

A new girl may receive a special Welcome Bag and the Rainbow flip book. The first side of this book is Ready for Rainbows, designed to help her understand what Rainbows is all about. It contains lots of fun drawing and colouring activities, and a story featuring a Rainbow called Olivia. When girls have been to Rainbow for a few weeks and are ready, they can make their promise as a Rainbow and wear the Rainbow uniform.

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The Rainbow Uniform

The Rainbow Uniform consists of a top and bottom chosen from the polo shirt, hooded jacket, jog pants and cycle shorts. There are also baseball caps and tabbards available that the girls may choose to wear but these are not considered uniform. All Raibow wear plus more is available from the Girlguiding shop

Promise badges should be worn on the left hand side, closest to the heart and badges received for acheivement or participation may be sewn onto any item of clothing. Many girls choose to wear their Roundabout and challenge badges on their hoodie or polo shirt.

The Rainbow Programme

Rainbow Jigsaw has four areas:
Look   Learn   Laugh   Love

Look: We encourage girls to look around them and learn about their own environment and community. We also help them understand that they are part of a wider world, perhaps through crafts or games from around the globe, or learning about festivals from other cultures.

Learn: Rainbows learn by taking part in a wide range of activities such as trying out crafts and recipes, playing games and visiting local places of interest. A representative from the GSPCA might come to a meeting to talk about looking after pets or a police officer might come to explain to the girls about road safety.

Laugh: Rainbows have lots of fun. Meetings involve games, songs, parties, celebrations and making a mess! Girls love sleepovers too!

Love: Through Rainbows, girls learn about caring and sharing with family and friends, working together, fair play, and being considerate and helpful to others.

Moving On

Of course, at the end of a rainbow there's a pot of gold! So when a girl is nearing the end of her time at Rainbows, she may flip over her Rainbow flip book to My Pot of Gold and find out how Olivia prepares to move on to Brownies. Her Leader then helps her plan a special Pot of Gold party. Most Rainbows leave at the end of a term, so parties are often shared by several Rainbows. Your leader can give you more information about moving up; visit our Brownies page to find out about the Brownie packs in Guernsey and what girls can look forward to in the next stage of their Guiding journey.